Bugha Five Below Gaming Collection | Is it Worth it?

If you have been in the fortnite side of gaming, then you have probably heard of a kid named Bugha that won the Solo Fortnite World Cup in 2019.

He has a mission to provide good quality gaming accessories at a good price. Okay. Sounds like a good thing to me. More affordable accessories that are also good quality. He partnered with Five Below. Doesn’t sit right with me, but there a major corporation. How cheaply can they make then is the question.

$10 EACH! And there's LED headphones w/ a boom mic, LED headset stand, LED Keyboard, LED mouse, LED mousepad, LED speakers & SUbwoofer, and a LED mic.

Mouse, keyboard, headset; I can understand. But if there is a microphone on the headset, why would there need to be a separate microphone in the collection? Also if there are headphones, why would you need speakers as well? Let alone LED speakers. These look ridiculous. I am NOT going to review these.

(Off Camera) Umm… you have to.

Why do I have to?

Because we have them right here.



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